BREN INYANG is a creative professional, contemporary visual artist, design consultant, and freelance landscape photographer, living in Lagos, Nigeria. Bren has an unquenchable passion for tourism and has visited almost all of the 36 states in Nigeria following festivals, tourist attractions, eco-tourism and cultural activities.

He enjoys African travel as well and hopes to visit all 54 Africa countries as preference to western destinations. He is also very passionate about Information Technology, Innovation and Critical Thinking, Digital Imaging and possess core competence in the application work-flow of related software and tools.


Bren Inyang has been involved in creative thinking, documentaries and brand consultancy for major multinational corporate organizations and the government.

He is a member of The Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), and Fellow of the Society of Nigerian Artists.

The Largest Colourful
Cultural Diversity in Africa.
Beckoning Beauty.
The Virtuosity Of A Phenomenal Culture
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Bren Inyang paints mainly in acrylic. He believes in the power of drawing and sees it as a basis for a great work of art. As a child, he was punished for drawing in class by his elementary six teacher, as fine arts wasn’t part of the school curriculum. In a drive to prove his talent, he helping other teachers with class illustrations on the chalkboard for tutorial clarity. This earned him stipends which he only thought wise to take home to his widowed mother.

As a practicing artist, semi-realism in landscapes and evocative figures have filled his canvasses, which educes compassion for the female gender.

Over the years, he became more fluid and organic, leading to the emergence of spontaneous vivid tonal values in his semi-abstract approach to his expression of reality. His canvas is mainly square, according to him; he sees perfection in  shapes, lines, structures, order, balance and spaces in a desire to create phenomenal regeneration of nature’s palette.

Rain forest . 56x56in . Acrylic on Canvas
Mother . 36x36in . Acrylic on Canvas
Motherhood Blues . 48x48in . Acrylic on Canvas
Desire . 56x56in . Acrylic on Canvas

About the Artist

Bren Inyang has been selling his paintings for over 25 years and he is known and collected worldwide for his landscape and feminine themes. His style is amazingly colorful, fluid and unique. Bren has spent years enhancing and developing his art, working mainly in acrylic and continuously strives to improve his technique. He is a Nigeria born artist and started exhibiting exceptional artistic abilities since childhood. He graduated as the overall best student in General Art in the School of Art, Design & Print, Yaba College of Technology 1988, and passed with a distinction in painting in 1992.

His first major art commission was for the Nigerian Airways VIP Lounge New York in 1990. He has his first solo exhibition at Didi Museum, Victoria island in 1998. In 2004 his paintings were selected for the Presidential Villa as part of the Aso Villa Collection in Abuja, Nigeria. He has taken part in more than 30 painting exhibitions globally.

He decided to build his mind further by advancing his creativity and obtained a CPD from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina USA in Innovation and Critical Thinking. Bren also runs a design and brand development consultancy and a studio in Lagos. He has a passion for documentaries and has published several books on culture and tourism development in Nigeria.

Hope .58x52in . Acrylic on Canvas


Brendan Inyang has practiced in the Creative Industry for over 20 years in Lagos, Nigeria and has been involved in creative thinking, documentaries and brand consultancy for major multinational corporate organizations and the government.

Bren has published and authored many books including “Uncommon Transformation” a compendium of government achievements in Akwa Ibom State, Akwa Ibom at 30 a story of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria a Culture Tourism Journey, UkoAkpan The Virtuosity of a phenomenal Culture Legend etc.

He is a member of The Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), and Fellow of the Society of Nigerian Artists.


Story telling is ruled by passion. I have jumped on airplanes to capture destinations I never knew existed.

Before the advent of drones, chopper photography was real fun but thanks to technology that we can more affordably capture and make memories without breaking the bank.

Documentaries record history, and preserve moments for the future but give my team the creative challenge of translating gathered information into interesting videos and publications.


Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract. Ideation comprises all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization.

I have been in this space for more than 20 yeas, translating briefs into tangible creative products through Innovation and Critical thinking to ultimately resonate with the clients and his target audience. I have competence in print production, web content development, multimedia, way finding solutions and corporate branding solutions.


The books are available in e-book and hardcover. Remember to fill in your details correctly when placing your order.


The Largest Colorful Cultural Diversity in Africa

This colorful coffee table book takes you through the length and breadth of Nigeria showcasing the people’s culture in dance, body adornment, masquerades and musical instruments. fittingly presented in breathtaking pictures and not many words. The carnivals and cultures in the afro Caribbean countries and African American will see the original forms of their cultures in this book.


Beckoning Beauty

This book is a pictorial journey through the breath-taking tourist attractions, rock formations, waterfalls, other landscapes and people that make up the most populous black nation and one of the most naturally blessed nations in Africa. All of these is embedded in this very informative colorful compilation of high resolution images and scripts.


The Virtuosity Of A Phenomenal Culture Legend

This coffee table book shows the creativity of a Nigerian cultural Legend and a trailblazer in his style of Trado-Cultural Music, who approached values and social criticism in a generally acceptable manner through his music, poems and dance form.

His ensemble of indigenous music made up of locally manufactured instruments including metal gongs, wooden gongs, rattles, drums,  and voice stands him out as a trailblazer of what is today called ‘Ukokpan’ music. Enjoy the traditional Annang proverbs and high resolution images as you flip through the pages.

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